Since the foundation of the company, engo continuously presents innovative products adjusted to the advancing time. Defined by excellent design, the products impress with the best quality even in details.

At the same time, the safety and the reliability of the products always have a priority. The continuous optimisation of construction simplifies the operation and the maintenance of machines. The modern engo ice machines have also one of these characteristics and among other things, the machines enable an extra fast and safe meter change.

Furthermore, the newest innovation of the company, the engo flexboard PPS, a flexible and powers retrenching board for the active safety of hockey players, shows the special developmental mind for the benefit of its customers.The professional products convince from every point of view.

engo Ltd.

As a 100 per cent subsidiary of TITAN GmbH, the engo GmbH operates under the direction of its owner Dr. Sonja Schmidhammer and her husband Bruno Mazzarol. The prestigious family company stands already in the second generation and the both children of the married couple, Thilo and Jana, already play a part in strategic decisions.

Another subsidiary of TITAN GmbH is the company J. Schmidhammer GmbH with the headquarters in Bruneck. This family company is also led by Dr. Sonja Schmidhammer and Bruno Mazzarol in the second generation. Their children also give their part in the management.