As a reliable partner of its customers, engo counsels them explicitly and thoroughly all around the ice sport. The company develops professional and safe products in that way and also in collaboration with customers. Thereby, engo does not resort on a thin ice of frozen solid standards: together with ice masters, operators and architects, the company is always attempting improvements in ice sport. The ice maintenance and the multi-functionality of ice arenas have thereby the priority.

Such performance is achieved by valuable co-workers every day. Therefore and in the sense of company philosophy, engo pays attention to qualified personnel that is continuously advancing and works as a team in a motivated way.

The company has always placed great value on being environmentally friendly. As they know their responsibility, the sustainability and considering the users play an important part for them. The management makes this desire to flow in in every product with the whole persuasion.

Hence, the impressed customers show their trust in engo on everyday basis.