Ice Dingo: Essential for rinks edges

The "Ice Dingo" electrical edge milling machine has been developed for professional, silent and low environmental impact working of the ice rink edges on the boards impact rims. The machine is equipped with height-adjustable handrail as well as a powerful 24 V - 2.0 KW electric motor with electro-magnetic brakes with flange for the immediate stopping of the mill wheels upon button release.

Electric ice edger "IceDingo": Small and precise

The small, electrically-operated andvery handy ice edger is ideally suitedfor precision work at the edges of theice field along the dasher board.

What makes it special:

Electric drive: Emission-free, eco-friendlyand cost-saving
Low noise
Adjustable in height and inclination
Powerful electric motor (24 V - 2.0 KW)
• Wheels for easy transportation on unfrosted surfaces
Special battery charger for 220 V / 24 V

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations.

  • 1 Battery charger
  • 6 Spare blades
  • 1 Instructions manual with spare parts catalogue in German
  • 1 set signs and warnings
More Information

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E-Mail: info@engo-ice.com

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