Electric ice resurfacing machine IceWolf

Power for quality

User-friendly, efficient ice resurfacer for standard ice fields up to 1.800 m².

One machine, many choices

The IceWolf is available in three different editions, characterized by their different levels of operationcomfort, scale of equipment and level of electricity:


What makes the IceWolf special:

  • Electric drive: Emission-free, eco-friendly and cost-saving
  • Strong, maintenance-free A/C motors and high capacity battery
  • Different water tank capacities available
  • Different blade-sizes available
  • Patented fast blade change and auger washout system
  • Ergonomic driver's platform with hydraulic levers or joystick and display with touch screen
  • Ice boost snow breaker for augers
  • "Solid Ice": High-end, state-of-the-art water spraying system as optional equipment
  • Ice-, wheel- and snow tank washing system as optional equipment
  • Integrated ice edger as optional equipment for the IceWolf CLASSIC & IceWolf PRO
  • Fully automatic system start for work functions for the IceWolf PRO

IceWolf SMART -The starter-package:
Hydraulic powered augers, 4.3 inch display, operation via hydraulic levers and autonomy for approx. 12 - 18 ice cleanings at 1,800 m².

IceWolf CLASSIC - The golden middle:
Electric powered augers, optional ice edger, 7 inch display, operation via hydraulic levers and autonomy for approx. 14 -20 ice cleanings at 1,800 m².

IceWolf PRO - The luxurious one:
Electric powered, energy-saving augers, fully automated system start, optional ice edger, 10.4 inch display, operation via proportional joystick and autonomy for approx. 20-25 ice cleanings at 1,800 m².

Standard model

  • Patented rapid blade-change system
  • Patented worms washing system
  • maintenance-free A/C (Alternating Current) electric motors
  • ICE BOOST - snow crusher for screw conveyors
  • Colour touch screen with CAN-BUS controls
  • Electric motor 
  • Snow tank capacity 3,0 m³, compressed 3,6 m³ with PE plastic sliding plates
  • Water tank capacity from 750 l to 1.000 l
  • Battery 80V 805Ah
  • Signal tone when reversing, opening/closing of snow tank
  • LED headlights front and rear
  • LED snow tank headlights
  • LED rotating beacon
  • USB port
  • Sprung, adjustable drivers` seat with armrests
  • Side brushes
  • 2 standard blades
  • 2 wipes
  • "EMERGENCY/OFF button
  • Signaling sound when reversing, or when opening/closing the snow tank
  • Contactless safety limit switch for snow tank and slides
  • Front and rear servo-steering oil immersed brakes with mechanical brake
  • Rotating beacon
  • Alarm horn
  • Ascent support that conforms to UV regulations"
  • CE compliant


  • Selectable blade width from 2.000 mm, > 2.200 mm > 2.300 mm
  • Selectable design of snow tank, water tank and slicer blade from stainless steel
  • Completely heated drivers' cabin with coloured hardened windows and max. height from 2,50 m
  • Heated drivers' seat
  • Chrome wheels
  • CD radio with stereo system
  • LED daytime running light
  • LED side indicators in front and rear
  • LED stroboscope headlight in front
  • LED working lights
  • Under car illumination
  • Integrated LASER as driving assistance
  • Proportional water management system
  • SolidICE „The new age of icemaking“ water spraying system with quick coupling
  • Water fountains with snow and water tank connections and with quick coupling
  • Special blades from high-alloyed steel with a service life from 75h to 90h
  • IWS Ice wash system with high pressure pump and water intake
  • WWS tyre wash system
  • TWS snow tank wash system
  • Spare studded tyres with wheels
  • Toolbox
  • Front and rear camera with colour display
  • Distance sensors

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations!

Color Configurator

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