Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf is suitable for stadiums and outdoor rinks in natural or artificial ice with maximum surface of 1.800 m2.
The Ice Wolf is also available as an 'LX' model

Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf version in


Engo Red Wolf is an efficient ice-preparation machine with a basic equipment which concentrates only on the essentials. It has the most necessary whilst still offering futures of Engo. The workstation is designed ergonomically, the control is easily reachable and operated and is located in the driver's field of vision. The driver can enjoy good reactivity and good manoeuvrability of the engo machine. It also includes the standard patented rapid blade-change system and the patented worms washing system which are increasing safety for the driver even more when handling the machine. Along with the standard model's patented planer knife quick-change system and patented screw washer system to increase safety when operating the machine.

Engo Red Wolf is the right choice for you if you need a simple and easy to use and efficient ice-preparation machine for your standard ice field. You cannot find anything better in this price structure.

Standard model

  • Patented rapid blade-change system
  • Patented worms washing system
  • maintenance-free A/C (Alternating Current) electric motors
  • ICE BOOST - snow crusher for screw conveyors
  • Colour touch screen with CAN-BUS controls
  • Electric motor 
  • Snow tank capacity 3,0 m³, compressed 3,6 m³ with PE plastic sliding plates
  • Water tank capacity from 750 l to 1.000 l
  • Battery 80V 805Ah
  • Signal tone when reversing, opening/closing of snow tank
  • LED headlights front and rear
  • LED snow tank headlights
  • LED rotating beacon
  • USB port
  • Sprung, adjustable drivers` seat with armrests
  • Side brushes
  • 2 standard blades
  • 2 wipes
  • "EMERGENCY/OFF button
  • Signaling sound when reversing, or when opening/closing the snow tank
  • Contactless safety limit switch for snow tank and slides
  • Front and rear servo-steering oil immersed brakes with mechanical brake
  • Rotating beacon
  • Alarm horn
  • Ascent support that conforms to UV regulations"
  • CE compliant


  • Selectable blade width from 2.000 mm, > 2.200 mm > 2.300 mm
  • Selectable design of snow tank, water tank and slicer blade from stainless steel
  • Completely heated drivers' cabin with coloured hardened windows and max. height from 2,50 m
  • Heated drivers' seat
  • Chrome wheels
  • CD radio with stereo system
  • LED daytime running light
  • LED side indicators in front and rear
  • LED stroboscope headlight in front
  • LED working lights
  • Under car illumination
  • Integrated LASER as driving assistance
  • Proportional water management system
  • SolidICE „The new age of icemaking“ water spraying system with quick coupling
  • Water fountains with snow and water tank connections and with quick coupling
  • Special blades from high-alloyed steel with a service life from 75h to 90h
  • IWS Ice wash system with high pressure pump and water intake
  • WWS tyre wash system
  • TWS snow tank wash system
  • Spare studded tyres with wheels
  • Toolbox
  • Front and rear camera with colour display
  • Distance sensors

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations!

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E-Mail: info@engo.it

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