Lithium-ion TECHNOLOGY


New charging technology that never lets you down

10 good reasons for choosing lithium-ion technology for electric ice resurfacing machines:

  • More endurance & strength
    Stable performance regardless of schedule or charge level for an unlimited number of ice cleanings.
    Prolonged use of the battery at its limit.
  • No limits
    Constant vehicle availability for frequently used arenas thanks to extremely short charging time and intermediate charges.
    Time optimization - operation of the machine (blade change, water filling, etc.) possible during the charging process.
  • Cost-saving
    Savings through longer service life and lower energy consumption.
    No maintenance costs.
  • Particularly long service life
    Longer service life than conventional lead batteries.
    Intermediate charges increase the number of possible charge cycles.
    No loss of performance towards the end of the life cycle.
  • The engo effect
    Perfectly coordinated components: Permanent monitoring of the battery with the remote control system "SmartConnect" by engo
  • Security
    No formation of oxyhydrogen gas or emissions.
    No special cargo holds or ventilation necessary.
    Permanent monitoring.
    Professional disposal by the engo team at a battery change.
  • No worries
    The battery requires no ongoing maintenance or water refilling.
    Low self-discharge during long storage periods.
  • Compacter & lighter
    The lower overall weight of the machine helps to reduce costs and makes it ideal for buildings with statically limited load capacity.
  • Flexible retrofit
    Customers with more recent engo models* can switch to lithium batteries at the next battery change.
  • 5 years guarantee

*Starting from the year of manufacture 2010


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