Eisarena Salzburg & Red Bull Eishockey academy

The ice arena Salzburg is a multifunctional hall and is traditionally also known as the "Volksgarten". It has two ice rinks totaling 3,600 m², one of which is outdoors.


Place    CapacityHockey-Team
Salzburg3.400EC Red Bull Salzburg (ICEHL)
DEC Salzburg Eagles
EC Oilers Salzburg

The Red Bull Hockey Juniors train in the academy and play in the Salzburg ice arena. The Red Bull Ice Hockey Academy is equipped with two ice rinks that are in operation all year round.

engo project

engo Ice resurfacerengo Dasher Board
engo 230 Red Tiger (Junior academy)FlexBoard  PPS ("Junior academy" track 1)
engo 230 Red Tiger (Junior academy)FlexBoard PPS ( "Junior academy" track 2)
engo 230 Red Tiger (Volksgarten Salzburg)FlexBoard PPS (Eisarena Salzburg)

Did you know?

In the academy, an LPS system (video analysis and training measuring device on the ice) and a skating and shooting center ensure optimal training conditions.
The EC Red Bull Salzburg can already call itself 6x league champion of the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (now ICEHL) and 8x Austrian champion and is winner of the IIHF Continental Cup (2009/10).