Notre équipe

Markus Profanter

CEO Managing Director

Per Englund

CEO engo Nordic AB

Peter Lercher

Sales Manager Central Europe, United Kingdom and Turkey

Simon Gamper

Purchase and Quality Assurance

Annalena Clara


Thomas Varesco

Marketing Manager

Alexander Baldauf


Andrey Pruss

Sales Manager Russian Federation and CIS Countries

Fredrik Danielsson

Head of Sales

Marlies Thalmann

Sales Backoffice

Christine Oberhofer


Ulrich Widmann

Head of R&D & Engineering

Andreas Engl

R&D Dasher boards

Florian Winkler

Technician Dasher boards

Franz Leitner

Technician Dasher boards

Engl Benedikt

R&D Ice resurfacing machines

Noah Profanter

Technician ice resurfacing machines

Alexander Rieper

Technician ice resurfacing machines

Markus Engl

Production Manager

Daniel Schmid

Production Dasher boards

Winding Patrick


Service Hotline (+39) 348 351 1904

Georg Engl

Service Manager

Iwan Planatscher