Digital LED advertising in the dasher board

Show effect with new sponsorship potential

engo presents a new type of dasher board advertising.

Instead of the usually printed advertising insert, the FlexBoard PPS MOTION is equipped with an ultra-thin and light LED-foil.


The digital visualization of the show and advertising content is particularly attractive for sponsors and offers clubs and leagues new sponsoring potential. In contrast to static print advertising, digital LED advertising increases the attention of viewers and TV recipients.

Besides, the FlexBoard PPS Motion can react to the game in real-time, entertain the audience, and generate emotions.

The special feature of engo is the flexibility of the foil. This means that the curved dasher board element around the goal area can also be equipped with LED advertising.


“We wanted to bring LED advertising to where the most emotional and exciting scenes take place. That is why we decided on the LED foils. It can also be used in the radii around the goal. In other words, where the eyes of the audience and the TV cameras are most often directed. Besides, it is lightweight, which simplifies handling”, says Markus Profanter, CEO of engo GmbH.


Successful test and premiere

Until now, the score and game highlights were only displayed on the cube above the playing field. Due to the global pandemic, the ice hockey sport had to adapt and the games were broadcast live on TV. Spectators were and are currently not allowed in the arena (regulations COVID-19 ICEHL).

The LED dasher board advertising was successfully tested for the first time during a game of the Swiss Cup. It was installed shortly afterward for the first time in the Palaonda Bolzano, the home of the HCB Südtirol Alperia.


“The LED dasher board offers our sponsors and business partners a unique opportunity to increase their publicity. Not only: thanks to the various functions of this LED dasher board, we can offer our viewers added value through specially created videos about goals, power play, and other game situations. This was already positively received by the audience during the direct TV broadcasts. If our fans can watch the games in the arena again, I am sure that this fantastic product can develop its full potential even more,” said Dr. Dieter Knoll, CEO HCB Südtirol Alperia.