OYM- top-class sports competence center equipped with state-of-the-art technology from engo

The top-class sports competence center “OYM” has opened its doors in Cham, Switzerland, which will revolutionize the elite sport in Switzerland. 

The private investor, and sports visionary H.P. Strebel created a 30,000 m² highly- specialized and modern equipped infrastructure for athletic training. Following the idea of investing in young athletes. The ambitious idea evolves around combining research & development, athlete health management, nutrition, and athletic training. 

Sports performance facilities

The whole top-class sports competence center was equipped with forwarding technology on the market. Reaching from the ice rink built on the 2nd basement, a walkable treadmill for skates to train puck shooting, and on the floor above a multi-functional sports hall, implemented with a never before seen glass floor. Which, depending on the sport, it is adjustable with the necessary field-lines.

Ice rink

Visionary H.P. Strebel is a passionate Ice Hockey fan, and has therefore given particular importance to the equipment of the ice rink. Various training camps will be held at the top-class competence center, including the Swiss national team and the Swiss ice hockey team “EV Zug”.

Equipment by engo

The Ice rink was equipped by engo with an ice resurfacer, dasher board, and the new QuickAdapt- System according to the specifications of the engineering office Frey & Partner GmbH from Lungern (CH).

This revolutionary System provides athletes the possibility to train on regular European size as well as North American rink size. It is is already the third patent in the 40-year company history of engo.

In Europe, the ice surface measures 60x30 meters; in the US, the National Hockey League's (NHL) the surfaces are 4 meters smaller (60x26 meters). 

Thanks to the system the ice rink size can be changed by moving the dasher board with hydraulic cylinders. The whole process takes only 3 hours and requires only 5 people.

For investor H. P. Strebel, it was an easy decision to make: "We wanted to create an ice rink that's geared towards the future and enables different training situations. A smaller rink means a faster and more direct game, and for that you need training. This gives up-and-coming talent the best preparation for playing in top competitions and the highest leagues later in their careers."

OYM chose our fully electrical ice resurfacing machine IceWolf PRO. Electric ice resurfacers are not only environmentally friendly, they are also perfect for indoor arenas, to avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ice Hockey is associated with high injury risk, therefore the top-class sports competence center OYM has chosen engo´s unique flexible dasher Board FlexBoard PPS (Player Protection System). It can absorb a part of the loading of a player at impact and therefore it can help reduce the risk of injuries

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