OYM: Top-class sports competence center with the latest engo technology

OYM, a center of excellence for sports competence, offers leading athletes from a range of sports a unique training environment.

As a passionate ice hockey fan, private investor, H.P. Strebel, has attached particular importance to the supply of equipment for the ice rink facility. The rink will host various training camps, including the Swiss national team and the Swiss ice hockey team "EV Zug".


engo has equipped the OYM ice arena with a high-tech ice resurfacing machine and a flexible, IIHF-compliant dasher board system. Engo also supplied additional hockey-specific equipment, including hockey goals, dasher board elements and net systems for the skatemill and the shooting range. 

Premiere for QuickAdapt System
In addition, the new "QuickAdapt-System", developed and patented by engo according to the specifications of the engineering office, Frey & Partner GmbH from Lungern (CH), celebrated its premiere at the OYM. 

There is no uniform, correct size specification for an ice hockey field. It depends on where it is located. In Europe, the ice surface measures 60x30 meters; in North America, National Hockey League (NHL) ice hockey surfaces are 4 meters narrower. Ice arenas usually host also other ice sports such as speed skating and figure skating, which, in turn, require the 60x30m ice surface.

The revolutionary QuickAdapt system now offers athletes the possibility to train on rinks of different sizes by automatically moving the dasher board using hydraulic cylinders. The re-sizing process takes only three hours and requires only five personnel. This innovation represents the third patent in engo's 40-year company history.

For the investor H. P. Strebel, it was an easy decision: "We wanted to create an ice rink that is geared towards the future and enables different training situations. A smaller rink means a faster and more direct game, and for that, you need training. The facility provides upcoming talents the best preparation for playing in top competitions and the highest leagues later in their careers."

High-tech for high-quality ice
The OYM ice rink is resurfaced by engo’s IceWolf PRO ice resurfacing machine. This high-tech, powerful machine is ideal for indoor ice rinks thanks to its modern electric drive system, which protects the environment and ensures the safety of players and staff.  The IceWolf comes in three different versions, and this top-of-the-range PRO-model offers everything in terms of power, precision, reliability, functionality, and comfort. It is equipped with joystick control, a 10.4-inch touch screen display, and a high-pressure water spraying system, making ice resurfacing both efficient and comfortable. 

Flexibility for player protection
Because ice hockey is a high-risk sport in terms of injury, the OYM has chosen engo's unique flexible dasher board FlexBoard PPS (Player Protection System). The dasher board absorbs part of the player's load on impact and reduces the risk of injury. 

engo, as yet the only manufacturer, has tested and confirmed the flexibility of the dasher board using a pendulum impact test with protective shielding of both tempered and acrylic glass. 

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