Flexible dasher board FlexBoard PPS: "Player Protection System"

So-called flexible board systems are safer and more flexible than traditional boards, and they cushion the effect of robust body checks.

Flexibility for injury prevention

Engo was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the potential of flexible dasher boards to reduce the risk of injury. In collaboration with the technical university of Dresden, we developed the high-quality model Engo FlexBoard PPS. Because of its special material and structure, it absorbs the major part of the impact when players collide into it.

Player Protection System

PPS stands for Player Protection System, because flexible board systems are able to absorb the loading of a player at impact and to reduce the risk of injuries. At Engo, flexibility depends on a support post made of a special plastic-based composite that is reinforced with fiberglass. What is unique about this product is the combination of a strong lower aluminum base, and a flexible, bendable upper part. They are the core components that together make up this incomparable board. A soft, polymer handrail further adds to the injury prevention factor; especially against serious head injuries.

Letter by the IIHF confirming that the FlexBoard PPS meets the requirements outlined in the IIHF Rule Book 2018-2022

What makes the FlexBoard PPS special:

  • Unique, flexible uprights made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic
  • Strong base made of aluminum
  • Reduces the force of a check for bestpossible player protection
  • Used at top-level Championships
  • Soft handrail as additional injury prevention
  • Long-lasting, thanks to durable materials
  • Developed in collaboration with technical university
  • Special fixing systems for a quick assembly and disassembly
  • It can be delivered with the CE certificate and conforms to IIHF and KHL standards

Optional equipment:

• Ice dam
• Quick assembly system
• Advertising protection system
• Soundproofing protection system
• Soft polymer handrail in red
• Outside covering system
• ESG tempered glass shield
• Acrylic glass shield
• Net protection system on the board
• Net protection system above the shield
• Players benches
• Penalty benches
• Jury box
• Goal judge box
• Hockey goal light for goal judge

Did you know?

We are currently the only dasher board producer who has tested and confirmed the flexibility of the board with both acrylic and tempered glass shielding through pendulum tests. 

  • Height of one single element 1.100 mm
  • Length of one single element 2.400 mm
  • Weight of one singleelement (without protective shield) 76 kg
  • Frame construction Aluminum with flexible fiberglass-reinforced plastic upright
  • Inside paneling 10 mm Polyethylene (Fibreglass as optional)
  • Radius curve From 7 to 8.5 m
  • Handrail Made of soft, blue Polymer (Also available in red)
  • Kick plate 12 mm (thickness) made of yellow polyethylene
  • Entrance door 0.8 m
  • Type of anchoring Immersed adhesive anchors
  • Machine gate On demand
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