Floor coating

Coating for walkable floor and resistant to ice skates realised in medium-hard rubber KREIBURG® UNIMAT: fitted mats suitable for ice skates (mat sizes 975 mm x 975 mm), black, 12 mm (unimat, indoor) or 18 mm (unimat, outdoor) thick floor, 1 mm rose decorated structure, smooth lower side. The "puzzle" fitting mats allows laying the coating with partial hooking (recommended) and combined longitudinal or transversal laying. Laying happens by joining the parts of a 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4, even with combined longitudinal and transversal. In wet environments it is possible to carry out the application on the entire surface, using a twin-component adhesive or polyurethane adhesive. The panels can be custom-cut at the end zones.

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