FlexBoard PPS Motion

New dasher board with digital LED-advertising

Commercial Partner: FRONTLEFT 

The FlexBoard PPS Motion  , a dasher board with integrated LED- foil, is the newest addition to the several dasher board systems, engo has developed to fit the needs for your ice rink. The LED- foil can be retrofitted for an older FlexBoard PPS, or can be delivered directly with your new FlexBoard PPS Motion.

The digital, animated LED advertising increases the attention of viewers and TV recipients. Studies show longer viewing time and better recall compared to static print advertising. In addition, digital LED banners can react to the ice action in real-time and contribute to the entertainment of the viewers during ice hockey matches, ice galas, or figure skating competitions.

Why choose FlexBoard PPS MOTION?

  • Multiple sponsors alternating on the same space
  • Quick and easy sponsor change with a few clicks
  • Exclusively software and W-Lan based
  • The dasher board remains flexible in its structure
  • Can be retrofitted for older FlexBoard PPS
  • Cold-resistant up to -15 ° and non-condensing
  • Show effect for all kinds of ice events (matches, galas, …)
  • Place it everywhere on your rink (centerboard, players' boxes, radius, ...)
  • Remote access (cell phone, desktop, laptop, ...)
  • Compatible with all common standard video formats
  • Daylight compatible for open ice rinks

New sponsorship potential

Sponsors' visibility at ice sports matches and events is primarily focused on the dasher board. Thanks to digital LED advertising banners, unlimited possibilities are opening up: Sponsors no longer have to choose a single advertising message and one surface offers countless possibilities for different content and many different sponsors.


To gain the best possible visibility on TV we suggest to position one LED-element next to each bully point.

Bendable, ultra-thin LED- foil

The dasher board elements around the goal area are particularly interesting for advertisers, as this is where the most exciting scenes take place and receive special visibility on TV. FlexBoard PPS Motion dasher board from engo is equipped with an innovative LED foil. This is ultra-light, thin, and bendable. As a result, it adapts perfectly to the curved board elements in the radii. There are no limits to LED dasher board advertising. Even elements with doors or gates can be equipped with it - for a 360 ° LED ice rink.

How it works; Technical description

The LED foil is integrated inside the dasher board body, including the installation and control system. It only needs a power supply provided by the ice arena. The LEDs with a pixel pitch of 5 mm are embedded in a soft urethane bed and thus optimally protected against impacts. The innovative, bendable LED foil is 4 mm thin and weighs only 4.80 kg per square meter.

Due to the low installation depth, the dasher board construction remains completely untouched and therefore keeps its certifications in terms of flexibility and safety. The LED foil is covered with a transparent polycarbonate sheet of calculated thickness for protection.

The LED foil is designed for maximum viewing angles (horizontal 110 ° - vertical 110 °). The LED foil works in combination with the control unit and the software.