1979 engo started as a small factory of machine engineering in Terenten in Puster Valley

1980 engo started a revolutionary activity in the sector of ice sport. At first, an ice surfacer was developed and produced in Italy. At the same time, the production of a durable GRP-board (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) for the ice sport was initiated.

1984 propeller snow guns covered the ski slopes of South Tyrol with artificial snow - once again, the product of engo was the first Italian product of this type. A year later, the motors of bigger ice surfacers ignited, the machines were developed especially for ice speed skating.

Already in 1986, the product range was extended by accessories for professional ice sport.

1987 engo exported to Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia for the first time. There, the first products were transported to Sweden and Finland by the fabric.

1990 the development of machines with electrical motors was started. The machines were meant as an alternative to petrol and diesel powered motors. The reason for this long planned improvement was the purposive protection of guests and athletes in closed ice rinks.

In the following years, various smaller ice surfacers were developed. The management dealt with the introduction of a quickly demountable board system for multipurpose ice fields.

1995 the CE- and ISO 9001 product certifications followed, this acknowledges the introduction of quality management. During the following 3 years, the markets in Spain, Portugal, France, Russia and other Eastern bloc states and also in China were opened up.

2006 the company could supply several boards and various accessories at once for the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin.

2009 a new leap in quality followed by production of an ice surfacer with a far reaching automation of ice maintenance.

Already during 2011, further markets in the Asian countries and also in Canada and in the USA were captured. In the same year, engo becomes a full outfitter for demanding ice arenas.

2012 engo developed a unique flexible and power retrenching board system for the active safety of hockey players in collaboration with various universities. The board absorbs more than 80% of the impact power of a player and so it reduces the danger of bone fractures and cranial traumas often occurring by professional and amateur players.

Both in 2012 and 2013 the company supplies ice surfacers with electric drive for the ice hockey world championship in the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki.

2014 another alternative to internal-combustion engine was developed. The ice surfacers can now also work with effective environmentally friendlier gas motors.

In 2019 engo Ltd. became a part of the TechnoAlpin company. This joint will make it possible to combine the technological know-how and to operate in a broad winter sports sector. This will allow for even greater responsiveness to customer needs in the future.

Today, the company is represented worldwide.