Electric ice resurfacing machine "IceLion": Think big

This ice resurfacing machine is the ideal partner for ice fields with a surface up to 7,000 m².

IceLion | IceLion LITHIO

The world’s biggest electric ice resurfacing machine
With its extraordinary capacity of 5 m³ of snow and up to 2,000 liters of water, the IceLion is the ideal machine for ice fields with a surface up to 7,000 m² such as ice speed skating rinks or bandy ice fields. The IceLion conquers even the largest ice surfaces thanks to its powerful batteries and a blade width of 2,500 mm. Despite its large tanks, it is still agile and fast. Easy operation with joystick and touchscreen display provides a special driving comfort.

Technical data engo IceLion

The IceLion LITHIO allows a limitless availability thanks to fast intermediate charging between ice resurfacings. During the charging process, there are no dangerous gases released which increases the safety for operators. The modular battery packs of high energy density drastically reduce the total weight of the machine because of their small and light design. The completely maintenance-free battery and the state-if-the-art charging gun upgrade engo drivers to the highest level from the automotive industry.

Technical data engo IceLion LITHIO

What makes it special:

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations.


Most customer equipped their IceLion with the water fountain to build up new ice layers fast and efficient. A particularly popular  optional for outside ice arenas is the heatable driver's cabin.

  • Ice fields up to 7.000 m²
  • Dimensions 4.550 x 2.660 x 2.350 mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Blade width 2.500 mm
  • Water tank volume 1.800 L
  • Snow tank volume 5 m³
  • Low-maintenance battery 80 V 1.000 Ah / Lithium battery 80 V 480 Ah
  • 6 asynchronous motors
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