Electric ice resurfacing machine "IceTiger": Speed for quality

The ideal resurfacer to create a perfectice surface in a few minutes for sporting events such as high-speed ice skating.
It is ideal for ice fields up to 3,000 m².

The high-tech ice resurfacing machine IceTigers covers every possible requirement and offers everything, you’d expect from a high-quality machine for top-level ice sport championships.
Thanks to its big capacities, it is the ideal ice resurfacer to create a perfect ice surface in a few minutes - even for big speed ice-skating ovals.
In addition to its extraordinary power, the IceTiger scores with its ergonomically designed driver cockpit with an easily reachable proportional joystick.

What makes it special:

Technical data engo IceTiger

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations.


Most customers equipped their IceTiger with the Solid Ice water spraying system for an extra fast and efficient water application.

  • Ice fields up to 3.000 m²
  • Dimensions 4.000 x 2.420 x 2.300 mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Blade width 2.300 mm
  • Water tank volume 1.100 L
  • Snow tank volume 3,6 m³ (Compressed 4,2 m³)
  • NEW: Low-maintenance battery 80 V 875 Ah
  • 5 asynchronous motors
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