Electric ice resurfacing machine "IceWolf": Power for quality

User-friendly, efficient ice resurfacer for standard ice fields up to 1.800 m².

The ice resurfacer machine IceWolf is available in three different editions, characterized by their different levels of operation comfort, scale of equipment and level of electricity:


One machine, many choices

Our top-selling ice resurfacing machine model IceWolf is available in three different editions, characterized by their different levels of operation comfort, scale of equipment and level of electricity:

IceWolf SMART- Everything you need
The versatile ice resurfacing machine IceWolf SMART is your powerful partner for all kinds of application areas.
The user-friendly, efficient ice resurfacer sets standards in terms of high-quality ice resurfacing.
In combination with the ice edger IceDingo, it sets the final touch to the detailed ice resurfacing along the dasher board.


The most-wanted optional equipment for the  SMART model is the ice- and wheel washing system for extraordinary clean ice.

Technical data IceWolf SMART

IceWolf CLASSIC - Power for quality
The IceWolf CLASSIC ice resurfacing machine is the newest of the three IceWolf models.
It is the convincing evidence of the longtime experience of engo and its flexibility to respond to customer requirements.
In addition to the SMART model, this ice resurfacer convinces with its electrical engined conveyor augers, a bigger screen and the possibility to add a fixed installed ice edger for resurfacing the ice along the dasher board.

Technical data IceWolf Classic

IceWolf PRO - Adding comfort to efficiency
The IceWolf PRO has it all – power, precision, reliability, functionality and comfort.
The top-class model of the three IceWolf versions, adds the convenient extra to the most popular ice resurfacing machine.
In addition to power and efficiency, the comfort plays the key role.
The full-electric IceWolf PRO can be operated with a joystick, allowing the ice resurfacing process to be as efficient as comfortable for the driver.

Technical data IceWolf PRO

What makes the IceWolf special:

  • Electric drive: Emission-free, eco-friendly and cost-saving
  • Strong, maintenance-free A/C motors 
  • Different water tank capacities available
  • Different blade-sizes available
  • Patented fast blade change and auger washout system
  • Ergonomic driver's platform with hydraulic levers or joystick and display with touch screen
  • Ice boost snow breaker for augers
  • "Solid Ice": High-end, state-of-the-art water spraying system (Optional)
  • Ice-, wheel- and snow tank washing system (Optional)
  • Integrated ice edger (Optional) for IceWolf CLASSIC & IceWolf PRO
  • Fully automatic system start for work functions for IceWolf PRO
  • NEW: Remote-control system SmartConnect for 1 year
  • NEW: Low-maintenance battery 80V 875Ah 
  • NEW: Powerful LITHIUM battery (Optional)


Most commonly the PRO model gets ordered  in combination with the optional ice edger, ice-, tank- and wheel washing system.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations!

Color Configurator

  • Ice fields up to 1.800 m²
  • Dimensions 4.000 x 2.150 x 2.100 mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Blade width 2.000 mm
  • Water tank volume 1.000 L
  • Snow tank volume 3,0 m³ (Compressed 3,6 m³)
  • NEW: Low-maintenance battery 80 V 875 Ah
  • 4-6 asynchronous motors
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