A vision turns 40 – Engo company anniversary and Open Day

The company Engo celebrated its 40th anniversary and the official opening of its new production facility in Vahrn on the weekend of 17th and 18th May 2019.

In 1979 the first chapter of a success story was written in Terenten, South Tyrol.  Together with a mechanical engineer from Terenten, a Bruneck entrepreneur and then president of the Hockey Club had the revolutionary vision to develop and produce an ice resurfacing machine for the first time in Italy. During the following decades, the company also started producing dasher board systems and selling different types of accessories for ice arenas such as electronic scoreboards, seat shells and safety mats.

Engo and TechnoAlpin
In 2018 Engo became part of the TechnoAlpin Holding. For many years, the company has been setting technological standards in the field of snowmaking, both outdoors and indoors. The resulting synergy potential and the broad range of services and products strengthen the competitiveness of both companies. In order to meet the planned growth, Engo has moved to a larger production site in Vahrn.

Official opening
The inauguration ceremony of the new company headquarters and the 40th anniversary were solemnly celebrated on Friday, 17th May, with invited guests of honor from business, politics and ice sports. On this evening the production facility was blessed by a priest and symbolically opened by cutting the ribbon. A church choir and a band provided a festive atmosphere.

Highlight Engo „Oldtimer“
As one of the highlights of the evening, the first Engo ice resurfacing machine drove into the festively decorated hall. The nearly 40-year-old vintage machine is still in use in South Tyrol. A clear sign of  quality. That is also the opinion of former Engo employees who were involved in the development. The moderator of the evening interviewed them about their experiences.

Open Day
The following Saturday, 18th May, the company opened its doors to the public. Interested local residents, families, and friends of the employees, long-time companions and many more came to visit. In addition to a barbecue buffet and a play corner for children, guided production tours were also organized. During these tours, the visitors learned interesting facts about Engo, the new cycle production or the dasher board production. There was a lot of interest; Engo was pleased to welcome more than 300 guests this day.

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