engo on Tour, Canada and USA

engo 230 RedTiger and engo 200SX Elettra and many more products are present in Canada, delivered by Joe Johnson Equipment Inc.

Joe Johnson Equipment Inc. considered attentively the excellent quality of engo ice resurfacers. As a real Canadian, he makes them available for all his fellow countrymen. Above some weeks two engo ice resurfacers and more then 30 ice edgers, were sent across the ocean.

The expectation and the enjoyment were great. A Truck was driven up to the company headquarters to present the peerless cargo to their staff. Service engineer Tony and sales manager Steve could not keep their joy about the first engo 230 RedTiger in Canada within bounds.

Some days after, our precious machines were presented at an exhibition in Detroid (USA) with a 70 of other exhibitors in the ice-technologie-sector. Fascinated by engo visitors queued to take a seat on the engo 230 RedTiger and their little sister engo 200SX Elettra.

Joe Johnson Equipment is now touring through Canada and USA to present, selected clients their new special feature on ice.


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