New training program with engo as ice resurfacing expert

One of the most important factors that influences the ice quality, is the experience and training of the technical ice rink staff.

In Russia, there are currently no uniform rules or training that provide the knowledge of ice- and equipment maintenance.

For this reason, the Russian agency SportB2B initiated a new 72-hours theoretical and practical training program starting next year.

At the end of the overall 72-hours training, participants will receive a government-approved training certificate.


Modules and topics 

The goal of this annual program is to pass on the knowledge of specialized experts about the technological processes and influencing factors to keep the ice in perfect conditions.The program consists of several modules, each of which is covers one of the conditions that influence the ice quality: 

  • The refrigeration system 
  • Ice resurfacing 
  • Building technology 
  • Water characteristics

Recently we were honored to sign a memorandum during the trade show “Forum Sport / Tourism / Business” in Moscow. With this we officially confirmed our participation as Russian & European expert for the ice resurfacing module.

engo Ice Academy

We want to be more than a supplier; we want to support our customers with our 40-years’ experience to achieve the best possible ice results. This is why we have founded in 2019 the engo Ice Academy.
Under its roof, we will bundle in future all services and offers that help our customers to create the perfect ice surface. Our IceAcademy experts will also manage the ice resurfacing module of the new educational program in Russia.  

During a 9 – hour theoretical and a 12- hour practical training, the participants will learn from our expert the ideal machine handling, the ice resurfacing during match breaks and along the dasher board with the edger, the different possibilities for ice build-up, the evaluation of the ice thickness and much more. 

Furthermore, we will show them the functionality and advantages of our innovative, technological features and systems which help to create a perfect, clean, and smooth ice surface. We will even reveal our tips and tricks to create the ideal ice surface for each ice sports like ice hockey, short track- or figure skating. 

To maintain an optimal level of knowledge and practical skills, participants should attend this program every three years.