Ski Build Expo in Moscow

We were pleased to participate in the Ski Build Expo, which is part of the trade show “Forum Sport / Tourism / Business”. The two-day Business program was held from 16.-17.09.2020 in Moscow, Russia.

It is a closed-Door event reserved for professionals and experts in the industry, from over 40 regions of the country. In 2019 the forum was visited by more than 2.300 visitors.

The trade show specializes in mountain engineering technologies.
The show was held for the ninth time and introduced a new format of interrelation and intercommunication between the industry of Alpine engineering, Ski resort design, construction, and Management.

At our booth we presented our latest news such as the SmartConnect System and lithium technology for ice resurfacers. Among the many visitors was also Mr. Alexey Anisimov (KHL vice president), who came to gain insight on our products and projects.

Furthermore, we presented our newly patented QuickAdapt System. It offers the possibility to change the size of an ice rink. In this way ice arenas can switch flexibly between the European size (60x30 m) and the North American size which is 4 m smaller.

We were also blessed to hold a company presentation as part of a seminar of the Russian Hockey League (KHL). We shared our expertise about modern ice resurfacing technologies. We emphasized the importance and operation of modern features like the Solid Ice and Ice Washing System to gain the best ice quality possible.