Swiss premiere for LED dasher board in the first row

LED advertising space in the dasher board - an investment that generates income

Digital LED advertising spaces are already providing entertainment for spectators in several different sports and offering clubs, leagues and marketers an additional source of income.

Animated LED advertising with colorful luminosity has also become an attractive form of advertising in ice hockey. So far, however, their use has been limited to the 2nd row.

Now a first tryout test has been run in the first row on an engo dasher board in Switzerland.

Sponsor advertising directly at the game


Last Sunday, LED dasher board advertising was shown for the first time in a cup game in Switzerland. A development mule of us was used for this in the Swiss Arena Kloten: We equipped the centerboard of our FlexBoard PPS with a dynamic, digital LED element.
Sponsors can so be presented in the best possible way directly at the game and also reach the audience at home, as the TV cameras are aimed at the playing field.
This makes the dasher board attractive for sponsors and thus also valuable for clubs, leagues and organizers.


Special permit for first-time test
Thanks to our partner Pierre Fasel, we were able to present our innovative LED dasher board as a first-time test. He had received a special permit for this test, as the SIHF's advertising regulations currently only allow LED dasher board advertising from the 2nd row.

In an interview with the online portal, Pierre Fasel commented on this premiere:

"More and more new show and advertising elements are being sought. Also, in ice hockey. What has long been common in other sports is now also being used in ice hockey: LEDs. The possibility of animations and visualization of various show and advertising elements are also for clubs, leagues or marketers very attractive. (...) Of course, we hope that the SIHF's advertising regulations will be adapted soon and that LEDs will also be allowed from the first row onwards.”

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