Davos ice stadium

The Davos ice stadium is home to the HC-Davos, which plays in the Swiss National League, the highest Swiss ice hockey league.


Place    CapacityHockey-Team
Davos6.583HC-Davos National League (Switzerland)

It has a capacity of 6.583 spectators, of which 4.333 seats.
Due to its wooden construction, the ice stadium is considered one of the most beautiful ice hockey stadiums in Europe with a particularly ambitious interior design. 

"We are very satisfied with the FlexBoard PPS. Just because of the handrail, the conversion was worthwhile. The players generally give positive feedback.
The impact is felt less harshly. The players feel safer, and a different dual behavior can be observed. This allows a higher sense of security to be felt among the players, which has a positive effect on the psyche. The players are less inhibited and therefore less tense during a check. “

David Solér, manager of the Davos sports facilities


engo project

engo Ice resurfacerengo Dasher Board
230 Red Tiger (Ice Tiger)FlexBoard (PPS)

Did you know?

The Davos ice stadium is the venue for the annual Spengler Cup. It is the oldest international ice hockey team tournament.