FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Tips PART 1

Preparing your ice resurfacing machine for the summer break

  • May I leave the battery charger connected during the summer break?
    For Zivan, GNB, PBM or Uranio chargers, it is recommended to disconnect the charger from the battery and perform a trickle charge every 3 weeks.
    On Fronius chargers, however, the charger can remain connected. It detects the level of the battery itself and recharges it independently. Do not fill with distilled water.

  • How should I treat the lithium battery during the summer break?
    It should be charged to about 70% and fully charged again before first use.

  • Should I empty the battery during summer?
    No, it is recommended to charge the battery every 3 weeks.

  • Should the conditioner be lowered during longer periods of inactivity? It is not necessary, but it is recommended. The conditioner can be lowered on 2 wooden beams, PE or rubber strips which are positioned under the runners. There should be slight contact, but the machine should never be lifted.

  • Should the machine be jacked up when it is not in use for a longer period?
    It is not absolutely necessary. If there is a possibility, it is gentler on the tyres. The support blocks should be positioned under the axle and the conditioner should be lowered. This will stabilize the machine, although a load capacity of 3 tons per trestle is recommended.

  • How do I avoid flattening the tyres when the machine is standing for a longer period?
    The machine should be moved slightly once a week so that the tyres always have a different contact surface.

  • Should the blade be mounted during the summer break?
    Yes, it should be removed and the blade bar moved to the zero position.

  • Is it necessary to empty the water tank during the summer break?
    For water tanks made of PE or stainless steel, the tank should be emptied. Tanks made of galvanized steel should be filled to avoid any formation of flash rust.

  • Should the supply lines of the water pumps be emptied?
    No, this is not necessary.

  • Is it necessary to lubricate the machine before the summer break?
    Yes, this is necessary to remove any moisture from the bearings.

  • Should the snow tank stay open during summer?
    No, it should only remain open until there is no more water or moisture in the tank.

  • Does the snow tank have to be opened when charging the battery?
    It is not necessary, but it is recommended to ensure good air circulation (possible development of oxyhydrogen gas).

    Your engo Service-Team